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 Demachi Laboratory has contributed to the development of a technology in abnormality diagnosis for enormous and complex system such as nuclear power plant.
The design of nuclear power plant is to sufficiently ensure the safety. Thus, in order to maintain the safety function, quick diagnosis at an earlier stage of abnormal behavior is a necessity.

 For this purpose, following development are important.

①Technology developments for early detection in abnormal signs by big data analysis of nuclear power plant.

②For the nuclear security point of view, development of sabotage detection technology by Insiders using a surveillance video camera.

③Flaw depth identification from eddy current testing (ECT) signal using deep learning

 In addition, engineering working together with advanced medical care has become essential.

For example, X-ray CT and MRI, such as lesion visualization technology will greatly affect the success of a treatment. Standing on this point of view, we are promoting the research of a fusion with the medical and engineering; "medical engineering".

①Identifying tumor using magnetic artifacts with MRI image.

②The prediction of future changes in lung tumor X-ray movie by principal component analysis (PCA).

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