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Nuclear Security & Development of Insiders' Sabotage Detection Method

Preliminary Examination of Doctoral Dissertation (2020/3/10)-Shi Chen(D1)

Graduation Thesis: Takaaki Hirano (B4)

Graduation Thesis: Satoru Yasuda (B4)

Resilience Assessment for Nuclear Facility based on Information-Theoretic Method

The Slide of Laboratory Meeting(4/15)-Jonathan Poli(M2)

Development of Early Abnormal Detection in Dynamic Equipment

Graduation Thesis: Reiji Terayama (B4)

Movie Prediction for Lung Tumor Tracking in Radiation Therapy

Final-defense: Ryota Kitsunai (M2)

Flaw Depth Identification from Eddy Current Testing Signal by Deep Learning

Graduation Thesis: Tomoyuki Hori (M2)


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